Ultrasonic Cleaner Used for materials such as dental and lab equipment. Friendly and clear operation plate with digital display makes it easy to operate.

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Runyes Ultrasonic Cleaner-CLEAN02 (6L)


Vibration cleaner is made by Runyes for cleaning the medical or dental or ophthalmic or other surgical instruments. Special for cleaning instruments with complicated shape, with lots of cracks, and glabrous and weak instruments and also can be used to clean small medical instrument, pinhead, false teeth and so on.

Time control system is convenient for you to control the working time, which will improve efficiency clearly. Rinse time can be set from 2 to 30 min, rinse temperature can also be set from 20℃ ~ 80℃ .Power is automatically cut off when is lack of water

Technical Specifications 

Basin size: 323 x 205 x 99mm

Product Size: 515 x 305 x 240mm

Basin Capacity: 6L

Maximum length allowed: 34.0cm

Digital timer: 6 phase timer

Temperature setting: 3 groups temperature option

Ultrasonic frequency: 35000Hz

Voltage and power: 300W (AC 220-240V 50Hz)

Products net weight: 7.5kg

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg