Endograph DC high frequency x-ray unit for reduced x-ray dosage and best image quality. Large, user-friendly LCD display. Wall-mounted and mobile versions. Suitable for use with digital x-ray systems. Made in Italy.

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Endograph DC


wall-mounted and mobile versions. 3 extension arms available: 30cm, 60cm, 80cm (maximum useful reach 143cm, 173cm, 193cm) rectangular collimator as standard (can be easily modified to round collimator if required) exposure switch can be located remotely (ie. by the door) optional wireless exposure switch. modern, elegant design easy to use, large LCD display film / digital (phosphor plate) / digital (sensor) anatomical exposure presets suitable for use with digital x-ray systems small focal spot 0.5mm for best image quality safety features (dead-man switch; activation required before exposure.

Technical data:

Power supply:  220-240V ± 10%-50/60 Hz ; 110-120V ± 10%-50/60 Hz

X-Ray tubehead:  DC hi-frequency, 60-65-70 kV, 6 mA

Focal spot:  0.4 (IEC 336)

Leakage radiation:  <0.25 mGy-h @ 1m

Exposure times:  0.01s to 2s in 36 steps

Anatomic programs:  882 pre-set times

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