Puma Eli Ambidextrous allows dentists to change the instrument set-up from right to left –and vice versa– quickly and easily, making it ideal for both right and left-handed.

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Castellini Italy AMBID Dental Chair

C-U2 camera:

The availability of high definition clinical images enhances diagnostic efficacy and helps keep the patient informed and involved. Being able to illustrate the need for a certain treatment or demonstrate its outcome reinforces the patient’s sense of trust.

Designed to give easy access to distal zones, the C-U2 is thin and has a partially retroflexed 90° viewing angle. The extensive depth of field (from 5 to 70 mm) ensures outstanding image sharpness while the touch-sensitive key activates the freeze-frame without causing any vibration.

Symmetrical design:

The hanging tubing module is characterised by symmetrical design.

Optimized vertical excursion allows the dentist to bring the instruments to the most convenient height. Just as you’d expect on an ambidextrous workstation, the dentist’s module has a handle on both sides.

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