Puma ELi

Essential and compact, Puma ELI has been designed to enhance your work with extreme flexibility. Ergonomics and a balanced design create a harmonic, ordered style that ensures naturally practical everyday use.

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Castellini PUMA ELI Dental Chair

Working Comfort:

Enhancing working comfort is our second goal. Every movement made by the dentist is repeated hundreds of times a day: the lower the physical stress associated with those movements, the simpler it is to operate calmly and confidently. The compact unit body makes it easier to carry out tasks around the dental unit, providing perfect geometry that allows everything essential to be inserted in a tight space, letting dentist and assistant perform at their best. Instruments are comfortably within reach so there is no interruption of the on-patient focus during treatment.

Colour Range:

Many of our dental units are available in different colour schemes, versions & configurations, with plenty of scope for personalisation to meet dentists’ widely varying needs. Stools are also available in colours to match those of the selected upholstery; stools feature adjustable seat height and backrest tilt (dentist) and also allow the armrest (assistant) to be switched from one side to the other.

Stern Weber – S300:

The S300 offers a flexibility that provides just the progress you’re looking for. We combine comfort and ergonomics to ensure swift workflows, we merge design and innovation to provide a dental unit built around your needs. Together with you for even better results. Our technology is designed for your progress. The exceptional comfort that can come from innovation is encapsulated perfectly in the new interface that lets dentists control dental unit functions with a simple touch. Yet comfort does not depend on the excellent user-friendliness of the new interface alone: it is also enhanced by smooth integration of instruments, software and dental unit.


Innovation is a question of comfort. The more the integrated treatment center suits your operating style, the greater the benefits in terms of comfort, the more fluid the workflow. In short, efficiency is a natural consequence of personalisation. On the S300, the Smart Touch control panel is provided as standard. Alternatively, the latest-generation Full Touch control panel is available: this features a 5.7” glass capacitive-type touch screen. The additional sixth instrument unit is fitted on the dentist’s module side and can house a camera or curing light. Stern Weber offers a choice of two operating lights with different technologies: halogen or LED lighting. While brightness on the Venus Plus is adjusted via a manual potentiometer, on the optional dual-reflector LED operating light it is regulated by a no-touch infrared sensor.

Protected by a Passive Hygiene System:

In addition to the active system, dental unit design also features numerous removable elements such as cuspidor bowl and upholstery, plus surfaces that are easily sanitised. The instrument holder panel is removable and the soft, silicon instrument mat is both removable and autoclavable. Other parts able to be sterilized in an autoclave include the Venus Plus-L-LED operating light handles and the stainless steel tray holder. The S300 from Stern Weber is also available in different colour schemes.

Colour Range

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