Portable X-Ray (RAY98-P)

A true high-frequency chairside X-ray machine, ensure less radiation for the patient and operator.
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  • A true frequency chairside X-ray machine ensures less radiation for the patient & operator
  • Compact & single-handed operational device
  • 2mA tube current combines higher performance and high definition imaging.
  • Adopt a canon microfocus tube with a focus of 0.4mm, anode angle of 12.5.
  • Digitalized control machinery provides accuracy & stability.
  • Wide digital display for easy operation.

Technical Specification:

Model: RAY 98 (P)

Tube Voltage: 70Kv±10%

Tube Current: 2mA±20%

Charge input voltage: 100V-240V

Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

X-Tube: Canon D-045

Anode Angle: 12.5º

Focus: 0.4mm

Exposure time range: 0.04s – 2.0s

Leak Emissivity: 1 meter ≤ 0.25mGy/h

Machine Weight: 1.7kg

Relative Humidity: 30%RH~75%RH

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