X-Ray Machine Ray68(M) Well-designed by italian designer, adopting imported assembly X-Ray generator.

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X-Ray Machine Ray68(M)

Precise time control:

Microprocessor technique enable the exposure time being measured to the nearest one-hundredth of a second, and shown as digital readout, it also can give accurate reminder for any warning with the error code display function. The parameters can be reset, our product can upgrade to digital dental film, unit by reserving the digital shooting mode, and it is compatible with any digital sensor.Imported assembly X-Ray generator.

Specially designed telescopic boom: 

Patient can be easily made a film without leaving treatment table.

The direction wheels are imported with original packaging: 

moving smoothly and flexibly, absorbing shock and reducing noise

Technical Specification:

Power Voltage:         AC 220V

Frequency:               50/60Hz

Maximum Power:     900VA

Electricity:                4A

Fuse:                        6.3A

Bulb Tube:               TOSHIBA

Ray focal spot:        0.7mm

Bulb tube voltage    70KV ± 10%

Anode current:       7mA ± 20%

Anode angle:          16°

Duty cycle:              1/30

Half value layer:     70KV 1.6 mm Al

Inherent filtration: ≥2.1mm Al

leakage radiation:  1 meter ≤ 0.14mGy/h

Time of exposure:   0.06S~2S

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