Portable X-Ray (REXTAR-X)

Portable X-Ray is the latest, upgraded, and totally new design among. Rextar series. We put a lot of consideration and effort into creates Rextar-X. Users can operate Portable X-Ray only by one hand. Operation software is more powerful by adopting smart buttons. But the highest technical specifications among portable X-rays are still the world’s best.
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Technical Specification:
Input power X-ray Unit 19 VDC 3.16A
Battery Charger 100-240 VAC, 50~60Hz 1.7A
Output power 140W
Power Supply 11.1 VDC (Battery)
Battery 1.      1 V
Frequency 70kHz
Tube kV/Ma 70kV/2mA(Fixed)
Max. Deviation Kv ±4%
MAs ±10%
X-ray Tube Model Name D-041
Inherent Filtration Min. 1.0mmAl
Focal Spot size 0.4 X 0.4 mm
Total filtration 1.5mm

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