Articulator A7 Plus Standard Facebow is ideal for academic and professional work.

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Articulator A7 Plus Standar Facebow Semi Adjustable:

Articulator A7 Plus Standard Facebow Revolutionary model, the A7 Plus is the semi-adjustable articulator with highest approval by the most renowned universities in the country.

Sturdy structure, design that ensures great stability and visibility.

• Semi-adjustable / Arcon;

• Fixed intercondylar distance (110mm);

• Curved condylar guide;

• Angle adjustment of the Condillac and Bennet guide;

• Central Locking;

• Motion stabilizer system with silicone joint;

• Upper Branch Support Pin in the open position.

Standard Articulator Facebow

The facebow is an instrument to record the spatial position of the patient’s upper arch and transfer it to the articulator. The transfer of this position with the Standard model is by attaching the complete facial bow to the articulator.

The standard facial bow features hand-tightening butterflies, eliminating the drawbacks caused by using the wrench.